M.D. or Doctor of Medicine is a higher postgraduate Medicine course dealing with a program of advanced study in Medicine. The course is based on gaining an in-depth knowledge of one's chosen field of specialisation. The duration of the Doctor of Medicine course is 3 years of study including the successful completion of an exam that covers both theoretical and practical elements. The examination for M.D. is held at the end of 3 academic years which includes 6 academic terms. M.D. course is more practical oriented and research based as compared to M.B.B.S. Medical Council of India is the authority which approves and recognises various Institutes to provide Doctor of Medicine Degree Course. Since the course involves deeper study of relevant subjects, one needs to be prepared for mind boggling study. It is amongst the popular courses pursued by medical graduates, primarily because of high salary package.

MS (Master of Surgery) is a Post Graduate Academic Course imparted in the medical field of Surgery. Surgery is a branch of medical science that treats disease or injury by operative procedures. The duration of Masters in Surgery Course is 3 years, imparted in 6 Semesters, including the period of examination. If a student has completed a recognised Two Year Postgraduate Diploma Course in the same subject, the period of training, including the period of examination, shall be 2 years. The candidates must qualify in the Examinations within 5 Years of the date of his/her admission. However, a candidate may be permitted to undergo a further period of study and training of minimum 6 months duration in a recognised Post-Graduate Department in the speciality in an Institution approved by Medical Council of India for every subsequent appearance up to a maximum of 2 Appearances. The candidates will not be, however, permitted to appear for more than 7 attempts in the final examination and shall be discharged from the course if he/she fails to fulfil this provision. The candidates joining M.S. degree course are called Junior Residents in the Clinical Disciplines and Junior Demonstrators in Basic Clinical Disciplines. Surgical residents are trained in the principles of surgery and actually operate under supervision. Master of Surgery provides a Doctor qualification in surgery. Upon successful completion of the course a doctors becomes a certified Surgeon. The course is not available under Distance mode of education as it is practical based. The Medical Council of India (MCI) is a statutory body with the responsibility of establishing and maintaining high standards of medical education and recognition of medical qualifications in India. It registers doctors to practice in India.

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